Software beyond limits

We deliver high-performance software products.
Tools for software development, Games and Specific Business Applications.

Experience makes the difference

We know software technology.
We select right for your project.

High performance software development

Just focus on the essence of your software product.
We take care of the whole rest.

Welcome to 4EVOLVE

4EVOLVE is a team of independent IT professionals. We decided to combine our knowledge and experience to develop high-end software products and provide "best-as-possible" IT project consulting.

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System Development

High performance through proper technology selection is one of the most important priority for us.

IT Consulting

We manage IT project through whole it life cycle. We gather requirements and provide proper technology selection.

Games Development

Games design requires a lot of knowledge. Graphics, programming, sounds is nothing without good gameplay and in-game economy.

Basic principles of 4EVOLVE

We live in a rapidly changing world, and we witness profound changes in society, consciousness and business. But unchangeable were and still are the basic principles on which the activity of the team has been built.

Honesty and Transparency

in relations with customers
and partners

Extensive range of products

we are working on new software
products and develop existing

Consistently high quality of our work

we care about quality at every stage
of software development

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Social Responsibility

we choose which products
we want to create

The Desire of Stability

each product we develop undergoes
a number of advanced stability tests

Work without beliefs

we design software solutions
based on natural approach

4EVOLVE Team Introduction

Our Latest Works


FlexMARK Low Code Platform

FlexMARK is Low-Code software development tools & displayer for high performance business applications and system. With the FlexMARK - you can simply capture mouse and keyboard behaviors (events), view graphic files and handle sounds and do many more...

FlexMARK Platform is using:

  • bidirectional client-server communication with security up to 512-bit encryption
  • database lower-level layer with additional functionality
  • GUI with 2D & 3D elements
  • and what is most important - it's own renderer which is using hardware GFX accelerator (DirectX 3D).
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What Clients Say?

Knowledge, competence and experience make us recommend 4EVOLVE as a good contractor as well as an IT consultant.

Michał Grus Polish Transport Compensation Office

We evaluate the cooperation very well. The high level of expertise of people involved in the project.

Waldemar Niekraszewski

We can confidently recommend as a reliable, trusted and professional Information Technology Partner.

Dariusz K. Zakład Wodociągów i Kanalizacji in Szczecin

Our articles


Productive way to build business systems and applications - a new type of low-code platform

A little over 20 years ago, when I was still in high school, I started my adventure with programming. I enjoyed learing programming at that time. Difficulties started when I need to write more and more demanding applications and systems for some companies. At that time I lacked knowledge about architecture and "how to arrange it all".


LowCode Platform — how to reduce the time needed to create software…

Development of the information systems can be very expensive. It takes a lot of time and money. Companies constantly looking for solutions that will help them to create and implement applications and systems in less time and at lower budget.


How to understand Low-Code approach to application development?

Low-Code tools and platforms have been developed in order to help teams and individuals with some base of technical knowledge to create fully functional applications or even more complex IT systems.


Why technology selection for software development project matters?

Just imagine some software development project in heatlh & medicine industry. Someone (but not technologist) dictate that the project should be build as a web application.