FlexMARK One Platform

Visual Node-based Software Development Tool for Microsoft Windows that allows fast creation of systems and online applications

ProductivityShort Time to Market

Rapid prototyping, development & deployBased on templates

High performanceBi-directional berkley sockets communication

Best practices in systems architectureBuild-in Tiers

Security Encryptions AlgorithmsBased up to 512-bit encryption

Easy to learn and useFeel hour by hour your progress

Flexmark Introduction

Features List.

We provide a wide array of Usable & Flexible Features

Easy Solution Prototyping

for database and the GUI Layouts

Possibility for own Framework build

based on templates

Visual Programming

based on drag&drop nodes

Databases supported


Cross Server Communication System

for B2b purposes, based on this system

Bi-directional communication

Based on berkley sockets (e.g. clinet online status)

Database Layered System

fast and easy to use tables and SQL definitions

Animations for app Elements

based on timed scenario

Security based up to 512 bit

Advanced encryption algorithms

Release manager

make updates faster and easier

Flexmark One Platform

Flexmark One Platform is a Software Development Environment for fast prototyping and developing without coding high-performance systems and internet applications for Microsoft Windows.

Consist of development tools & displayer for high performance busness applications and systems.

Flexmark is designed for software developers with at least basic knowledge of application and systems programming.

Main components

  • Flexmark Editor - a Visual Software Development Environment for creating applications and systems using node-based visual programming.
  • Flexmark Server - a server for team work on a software project.

  • Flexmark App Displayer - a new kind of browser for MS Windows for systems and online applications built in Flexmark Editor
  • Flexmark App Server - a server for systems and internet applications developed in Flexmark Editor
  • DEMO Download

    Comming soon.


    We believe in flexible pricing.
    Flexmark One Platform

    Starter Edition

    • 1 user
    • Unlimited projects
    • All fratures available
    • Production release
    • Examples included
    • Lifetime licence
    Price: 2.000 Euro
    Flexmark One Platform

    Small Team

    • 5 users
    • Unlimited projects
    • All features available
    • Production release
    • Examples included
    • Lifetime licence
    Price: 7.500 Euro
    Flexmark One Platform


    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited projects
    • All features available
    • Production release
    • Examples included
    • Lifetime licence
    Price: 19.000 Euro


    Comming soon.